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DHA :  Defence Housing Authority (category Real estate companies of Pakistan)
by the Pakistan Army which develops housing for current and retired military personnel. DHA projects are located in all major cities of Pakistan. DHA projects are located in all major cities of Pakistan.
Defence Housing Authority, Karachi
Defence Housing Authority, Peshawar
Defence Housing Authority, Lahore
Defence Housing Authority, Islamabad-Rawalpindi
Defence Housing Authority Stadium, Karachi
Defence housing authority, Gujranwala
Defence housing authority, Multan
DHA Cinema, Lahore
Defence housing authority, Bahawalpur
Goals & Objectives
  1. Develop urban communities.
  2. Provide modern living standards.
  3. Offer sustainable infrastructures.
  4. Generate environment friendly developments.
  5. Facilitate People with essential civic facilities i.e. Health, Education & Entertainment.
  6. Build our socio cultural fiber by reconnecting communities.
  7. Promote religious harmony by defining communal worship centers.
  8. Encourage educational pursuits by designing modern centers of education.


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