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Sardar Farms for Sale

Address and location of the land is as given below;

Tehsil Depalpur and District Okara, Chak Ranja Beerbal, neer Ravi Canal.

The land is in two chunks(parts), one 32 acar, and two 50 acar.

Demand per acar : 21 lakhs (slightly negotiable).

Contact : Raheel (phone : 03214434531)
Contact : Ashfaq (phone : 03340555223)



A Brief View of the Farm
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Distances and facilities;


  1.  The farm is just out side of the village
  2.   Paka soling road from main road to the farm land
  3.   Main Road is 1 Km.
  4.   Head Sulamanki road is 3 Km
  5.   Havali Lakha is 6 Km
  6.   Dipalpur is 25 Km
  7.   32 Acar Farm front on the Ravi Canal is 3.5 Acars
  8.   50 Acar Farm front is about 5 acars
  9.   Paka water channel from Canal to Farm.
  10.   Canal irrigation water is 28 minutes per acar per week.
  11.   One Tube well with electric motor and one tractor driven water turbine.
  12.   Security cameras are installed on 4G mobile network.
  13.   Per acar annual rent of land is 60 Thousand per year.

Note : Necessary documents can be checked when required.

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