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Objectives and Promises of Community Committees


The objectives of community committees is to put collective efforts to develop and maintain this area in a natural setup in the backdrop of green Margalah Hills where wildlife, specially precious birds and human beings live to gather. The natural environment of the area is a major attraction. By extensive tree plantation and protection of jungles is compulsory requirement for every member. The members maintain that this place will prove to be the best place to live in Islamabad.

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The Major Focus of Community

The major focus of community is create a harmonious society with rich educational and cultural tradition to nurture educated and tolerant citizens to address the challenges of current century and times to come.

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Tree plantation and Bird Protection.

Each season extensive tree and flower plantation through collective community efforts will bring more greenery and freshness of the environment. By developing artificial and natural nesting site the bird population will be enhanced to maintain a natural echo system.

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A Call to Community

We request all the stake holders to join hands together to speed up the development work …


Next Steps…

Our next step is to invite people to visit this place and feel a love of nature.

Call to Action